Over the past decade, Canada’s ministers and deputy ministers of health have been developing strategies to relieve mounting pressures on the health care system that range from rising costs and shortages of personnel to the increasing prevalence of chronic disease in an aging population. These challenges exist across all jurisdictions and show no sign of abating.

In the strategies developed by provinces and territories to respond to these pressures, information technology is seen as a fundamental component. Five main reasons for implementing IT have been identified: better health outcomes (patient safety, wait-time reduction), increased accessibility, better integration of health care “silos”, cost efficiencies and improved patient/consumer satisfaction. (Information Technology and Health Care in Canada: 2010 Status Report, Canadian Medical Association)

Mara Consulting’s senior consultants understand the Canadian health system, its stakeholder groups and the pressures these groups face. We are and have been actively engaged in work by several provinces and national organizations to design and deploy solutions to attain the promised benefits enabled by IT. We have worked with a variety of healthcare stakeholder groups and have developed considerable trust with these stakeholders because of our depth of knowledge and experience. We maintain an understanding of national health IT trends and issues through our cross-Canadian network and apply this knowledge to our work. We have been engaged in projects in a wide variety of health domains, including emergency health, primary care, mental health, tertiary hospitals, and health ministries.