We view culture to be a core “difference maker” for in-demand people. After all, a big reason why we founded Mara in the first place was to create an environment that is anchored to a set of strong, shared, cultural goals:

  • We work together to deliver exceptional value to our clients – always drawing on our collective strengths.
  • We engage in projects for one reason – to accomplish a clear objective for our client. In achieving that objective, we will make use of best practice processes and tools without becoming slaves to them.
  • We are proud of where we are from – the Mara name speaks to that explicitly. That pride extends to action in support of the growth of our Atlantic Canadian community.
  • We enjoy our work because we support and challenge each other to reach our potential. Our clients expect to have more than just a final result, they expect a positive experience along the way.
  • We have failed if the demands of a job make us strangers to our family and friends. We will have our busy periods – they are often the most rewarding – but we will never lose sight of our need to balance work with personal priorities, and
  • We will always find time to celebrate our success together.

Working With Mara