Local and national news underscores the importance of information privacy almost daily. Privacy breaches are happening across all sectors and industries, including the public sector and health care industries, and individuals are becoming increasingly sensitive to the importance of protecting the privacy of their personal information.  Meanwhile, the increasing pace of technology advances and the myriad of potential uses of individuals’ information makes it challenging to keep ahead of legislative requirements and the numerous sources of privacy and data protection risks that should be addressed.

It is crucial for organizations to be confident that they are equipped to understand and proactively manage privacy risks in addition to meeting legislative requirements. By paying attention to privacy and managing personal information more effectively, you can build trust and confidence of clients, patients and other stakeholders, including privacy regulators, and reduce the risk of privacy breaches occurring. Privacy breaches are expensive for organizations – both in terms of “clean up” and reputation repair, and can have deep impacts on the affected individuals.

Mara consultants are recognized experts in the specialized area of privacy risk management.  In response to the growth in demand in this business area, Mara offers a full spectrum of consulting services focused on effective and proactive management of privacy considerations, risks and legislative requirements.  Our team can work with yours to build and maintain a comprehensive privacy risk management and compliance program using a risk-based approach that is completely customized to your specific needs. We can provide a variety of services to meet your needs including:

  • Privacy Impact assessments (PIAs) to incorporate privacy protection during the development of new initiatives, programs, services, and technology, and to determine the level of compliance of the proposed solution to legislated privacy requirements.
  • Privacy Gap Analysis (at the program or organizational level) to identify and assess current practices for managing personal information compared to leading practices and compliance requirement.
  • Performing privacy program assessments to gauge the effectiveness of the privacy program and working with you or your Privacy Officer to implement improvements.
  • Assisting with the design and implementation of a Privacy Management Framework, which can form the basis for a risk-based Privacy Program.
  • Analyzing compliance with existing privacy policies or working with you to develop new privacy policies.
  • Listening carefully to your needs and working with you to customize a privacy training program that will address your organization’s unique issues.
  • Conducting an analysis of legislative requirements and considerations that should be addressed prior to proceeding with a new initiative.