Over the last fifteen years, project management has matured to the point where the detailed stages and steps are well documented and broadly accessible by clients and consultants. Industry-endorsed credentials, such as the Project Management Professional designation, are a testament to the rigour, standards and discipline clients have come to expect in a professional project manager.

At Mara, we see no value in trying to reinvent the project management wheel. Rather, we pride ourselves on how we apply well-accepted methods and tools to engagements to achieve our clients’ objectives. We start every project with the end the goal in mind, tailor an approach to reach that goal and work with the stakeholder community to achieve the goal.

We view each project as a unique entity that, at its core, is reliant on a group of people to deliver a shared objective. Each project team has its own mix of talent, experience and desire. Each client has its own mix of stakeholders, risks, constraints and opportunities. So, for each part of project management process we apply, there are other ingredients we add into the mix – important ingredients such as judgement and creativity. We then step back and top it off with a healthy serving of common sense.

Our project managers have decades of experience across a broad spectrum of industries (health care, government, insurance) and technology settings (custom development, application integration, package implementation). We are particularly adept at navigating projects through complex multi-stakeholder environments to the benefit of all parties.