Mara recognizes the importance of sustainable development in protecting our natural environment. We have adopted formal and informal approaches to contributing to sustainable work practices and operate in compliance with applicable environmental and labor legislation and policies.

We live and work in the Maritimes, and are deeply committed to the growth and development of the local economy. Specifically:

  • Mara employees are entitled to a company-paid mass transit pass (taxable benefit) as part of their compensation package, in order to encourage this environmentally friendly commuting approach. Alternatively, employees may opt for company-paid parking;
  • Mara typically works in a project context with our clients. To support this, we provide modern internet-based collaboration tools that allow our employees, clients and subcontractors to work together without having to physically be together. These tools reduce the need for travel and also reduce the need to send paper documents among and between project teams;
  • Mara is a locally owned and operated company. As such Mara is committed to supporting the local economy and providing career growth and opportunity to our local employees and subcontractors;
  • Mara employees contribute directly to the community through support and active participation on a variety of charitable organizations;
  • We have an active composting and recycling program within the office for organic waste, glass, aluminum and paper products.