Tim Spence (He/Him)

Security and Technical Analyst

Tim is a Security and Technical Analyst with over four years of experience as a Security Analyst for the Saskatchewan provincial government with controlled goods/​reliability security clearance and over seven years’ experience in IT. In previous roles he has been responsible for providing risk assessments and risk management analysis for network, systems and applications. Tim also has experience using NIST, ISO and ITSG publications, various threat monitoring tools, experience leading digital forensic and human resource investigations. 

Tim’s extensive IT background enables him to provide technical expertise and analysis support, including senior level expertise in the development and implementation of plans to test the viability of IT security across network, systems and applications. 

Tim is originally from Queens, NY and is the only Haligonian known to have honked his car horn in traffic. When he’s not working, he can be found enjoying the city while out for a jog or perfecting his jerk chicken recipe.

Areas of Specialty
Cybersecurity, Risk Management / Risk Assessments