At Mara Consulting, we understand what it takes to deliver technology solutions to address your organization’s business needs.  With proper IT planning, you can transform your organization’s technology assets into a strategic set of business services, directly supporting your business priorities and the changing needs of your organization.

But how do you start this planning process?  How do you make sense of your current technology mix with the ever changing landscape of technology choices and solutions?  And how do you ensure that your technology decisions will support your business strategy?  Our consultants have decades of experience working with organizations in answering these very questions through sound IT Strategy and Architecture planning.

Whether you are planning a new technology initiative, designing a new solution or looking to make better use of your existing technology investment, our team has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.  We offer your organization proven and pragmatic approaches, deep technical experience and insight, and clear objective thinking as we work with you to plan and implement your technology solutions.

Mara’s team of technology consultants is ready to assist your organization in the following areas:

  • In the domain of architectural planning, we can help you develop your enterprise architecture, application and integration architecture or data architecture.  We will work with you to assess your existing IT capabilities and plan your future projects to ensure your business objectives are met. We can help you to integrate the systems across your organization to provide you with a stable and standardized set of business and IT services.
  • For security and identity management, we can work with you to develop or review your identity management strategy and architecture, your enterprise and application security design, or plan and conduct threat and risk analysis or privacy impact assessments, and
  • We can help you develop your cloud computing strategy; aligning it to your business strategy, determining the impact of cloud computing on your enterprise and application architecture, understanding and assessing public versus private deployment options, and ensuring appropriate analysis of privacy and security considerations.