Hilary Carter (She/Her), MBA, Certified Change Practitioner (Prosci), PMP

Change Management Consultant

Hilary is a PROSCI certified change practitioner and a Project Management Professional (PMP) with over five years of change management experience and fourteen years of experience working as a project manager in the critical infrastructure and construction fields. 

Hilary has successfully led organizations through large, transformational change initiatives involving multiple stages of the technology lifecycle and diverse stakeholder groups. She excels at leading and managing projects with complex communication and training requirements that require innovative change management strategies and outside-the-box thinking to align organization goals and people needs. Hilary enjoys collaborating with teams to develop and implement effective change plans and then monitor and assess the ongoing impact of the change on employees and clients.

Hilary spends her leisure time at home pursuing numerous hobbies and crafting, surrounded by her loving family and cats.

Areas of Specialty
Change Management and Communications, Project Management