Protecting Information Privacy for Pride Month


June is Pride month – and as we celebrate the rights and freedoms of the LGBT+ community, at Mara we are also conscious of the increased privacy risks faced by this community. 

As a social minority frequently prejudiced, the LGBT+ community is often unable to openly share their gender identity and sexual orientation. What’s more, critical information, such as sexual health information for non-heteronormative persons, is often not widely available such as might be included at a local health clinic or drug store. Online information sources and communities have provided an essential alternative, allowing LGBT+ individuals to connect with others and get the information they need. This heightened use of online resources and technology can place LGBT+ persons at a greater risk of harm when a data breach occurs, including the risk of physical harm, loss of employment, and a multitude of social costs. Just one more reason why privacy matters – from ensuring data privacy protections by system developers — such as allowing persons to opt out of providing certain personal information — to using a strong password and multi-factor authentication to safeguard personal devices used to access those systems. 

In June and all year long, Mara celebrates equality, freedom, and safety for all. 


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