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Part 1: Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics Platforms for Cloud (Strategies and Decisions)

Trevor Cook, Brian May


Overview The series "Advanced Healthcare Data Analytics for Cloud" has been created to...

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Mara Celebrates National Indigenous History Month & National Indigenous Peoples Day

Sara Miller, Michelle Gignac


June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada and June 21st is National...

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Protecting Information Privacy for Pride Month

Sara Miller, Angela Arsenault


June is Pride month – and as we celebrate the rights and freedoms...

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Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Growing Need for Privacy Management Programs

Robert Bay


Across Canada, the privacy landscape is evolving, and Canadian organizations will need to...

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Understanding Creative Profile Can Decrease Team Frictions and Strengthen Performance

Kunyi Mangalam


People’s natural approach to solving problems can vary widely, and this can cause...

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Unleashing the Power of Change Management in Agile Projects

Renuka Khanna


Traditional Change Management models have long been effective, especially when applied to initiatives...

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