Kunyi Mangalam (She/Her), MBA, Certified User Experience Analyst

Service Designer

Kunyi helps clients deeply understand the people they wish to serve and use this understanding to move forward with more certainty and less risk.

In executing qualitative research, pioneering client engagement strategies and championing different ways of socializing outputs, Kunyi movies past the tough, superficial exterior of things, allowing her to gain a robust understanding of complex processes and systems, as well as individuals’ unique experiences and perspectives. 

She provides creative qualitative research and facilitation services, particularly in the areas of user-experience, problem-space research and communications.

Kunyi is passionate about helping people articulate what is true for them, as citizens, customers and stakeholders. She equips clients to use the knowledge and insights gleaned through research by facilitating processes and workshops that engage and empower the team to move forward together.

She has worked in a variety of industries with vastly different project goals and objectives, with a common thread: uncovering and understanding people’s motivations, preferences and needs and how they how they influence behaviour and decision-making. 

Her primary goal is to support her clients and teams by uncovering insights to evaluate a hypothesis and reducing risks around decision-making.

She has worked for consulting agencies, both big and small, as a micropreneur, and as an owner/​principal in a creative research company. She has worked with private sector companies, government and associations across North America, and is extremely grateful to call Nova Scotia home.

Areas of Specialty
Design Research; Marketing Communications Research; Facilitation;
Service Design; Problem Space Research; Qualitative Research Consulting and Training